Aeon Oil for Rotary Screw Compressors



    AEON CL is a PAO (polyalphaolefin)/Diester synthetic blend tested and proven to provide optimum operating and service-life results. AEON CL combines the elements of synthetic and restructured hydrocarbon oil. AEON CL is a unique additive package designed to provide oxidative stability and viscosity stability.


    AEON PG is a custom-blended polyalkalene glycol (PAG)/ester rotary screw lubricant. AEON PG’s formulation offers lubrication at high and low temperature applications and corrosion protection. AEON PG is formulated to minimize carbon buildup.
  • AEON 2000

    AEON 2000

    Gardner Denver AEON 2000 Lubricant is hydrocarbon based, semi-synthetic lubricant, excellent demulsibility, maximizes compressor efficiency while minimizing oil carry over.  AEON 2000 is a blend of highly purified hydrocarbon base stocks and specially blended additives which provide economical operating and service life in rotary screw compressor systems.
  • AEON 4000

    AEON 4000

    Gardner Denver AEON 4000 Lubricant minimizes maintenance and downtime, characteristics of a synthetic in a petroleum blend.  AEON 4000 is a semi-synthetic, severely hydrotreated lubricant formulated with a unique patented anti-oxidant package.
  • AEON 9000SP

    AEON 9000SP

    AEON 9000 is a superior protection synthetic lubricant, increased machine operating efficiencies, formulated for excellent condensate oil/water separation.  The PAO (polyalphaolefin)/MFSE (multi-functional synthetic ester) blend formula contains proven additive components, which results in superior thermal and oxidative stability.
  • AEON 9000TH

    AEON 9000TH

    Gardner Denver AEON 9000TH Lubricant is an extended-life lubricant for use in screw compressors with oil injection operating under harsh service conditions with high compressor temperatures that can cause lubricants to form varnish and system deposits. It is ideal for rotary screw air compressor applications where oil is exposed to high operating temperatures needed to prevent condensation in high humidity applications. This product is also an excellent choice in difficult applications where other synthetic lubricants cannot reach their expected life.
  • AEON 6000FG

    AEON 6000FG

    AEON 6000 Food Grade is a PAO (polyaphaolefin) blend, authorized by the USDA as an H-1 approved lubricant for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. It complies with FDA 21 CFR178.3570 -- lubricants for incidental food contact.