Máy nén khí tàu thủy Atlas copco MAS GA 5-90
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Technical Specifications
Capacity FAD (l/s)4.2 - 12 l/s
Capacity FAD (m³/h, cfm)30 - 2797 m³/h
Working pressure6 - 14 bar(e)
Installed motor power5 - 385 kW

The harsh marine environment demands the most durable and most reliable products: you do not want critical equipment to break down at sea. That is why you need the Atlas Copco range of MAS compressors. Built to last, they will give you the performance and reliability you need. Through extensive testing on core components like the oil separator, oil filter, coolers and electric cubicle, MAS compressors tackle extreme duties as a daily challenge, and operate with low running costs and long service internals. Do not go to sea without an Atlas Copco MAS compressor.

Customer benefits

  • Energy savings – MAS compressors incorporate the latest energy-saving screw design. Variable Speed Drive (VSD) versions further reduce energy consumption up to 35%.

  • Flexible installation – A flanged air and water connection allows easy installation. All components are supplied fully interconnected with no extra pipework necessary. Your unit can be fitted straight on frames or a floor plate, bolted or welded.

  • Easy operation – Efficient control and monitoring by the Elektronikon® system ensures reliable and safe operation. Amongst others, the control panel includes hour counter, amp meter, high-temperature outlet, motor overload, low cooling water, motor heating ON (lamp), auto operation sign, general alarm and 3.5” graphic display.

  • Space saving – MAS compressors are characterized by a small footprint and can be outfitted with integrated refrigerant dryers and filters.