Máy nén khí Gas Atlas copco GG

Máy nén khí Gas Atlas copco GG
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  • Metric
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Technical Specifications
Capacity FAD (l/s)136 - 278 l/s
Capacity FAD (m³/h, cfm)489 - 1000 m³/h
Working pressure6 - 16 bar(e)
Installed motor power90 - 132 kW
Inlet pressure up to1.4 bar(a)
Capacity450 - 920 Nm³/h
Gases handledprocessed biomethane

Customer benefits

  • Efficient capacity control – Variable Speed Drive can regulate the capacity of the compressor to keep inlet and outlet pressures constant, depending on the application.
  • High efficiency and consistent performance – The GG’s highly efficient rotor profile maximizes the flow and minimizes the horsepower. Direct drive through a flexible coupling means no gear losses or wasted energy.
  • Sturdy design – A triplex bearing arrangement has an L-10 calculated life of 130,000 hours. Superior shaft seal design and unparalleled precision manufacturing combine to ensure durable quality year after year. This makes the GG gas compressor the optimal solution for gas applications.
  • Compact and easy to install – This single stage compressor takes up minimal floor space. Frame-mounted, the GG gas compressor comes as a complete all-in package which can easily be integrated in your process.

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