Gardner Denver TurnValve SAV 75 - 220 kW

Rotary Screw 50 Hz Compressor Packages

TurnValve SAV 100-300 Series (75 - 220 kW)

The smart way to save money!
The unique feature of the TurnValve is that the air end only compresses the volume of air required to meet the demand for compressed air at the necessary pressure without altering the compression ratio of the air end.
  • Up to 35% less energy costs by matching compressor output to compressed air demand
  • User friendly Auto-Sentry ES+ controller
  • Direct Drive Non-geared Air Ends (SAV 100 - 150), geared Air Ends (SAV 200 - 300)
  • Maximum reliability as a direct result of its simplicity in design
  • All service points are easily accessible
  • Extremely long lifetime (bearings designed for 100,000 hours)
  • Tens of thousands of SAV Compressors are operating all over the world.

Design Advantages

Operating principle - simple but remarkable!
Air is drawn in through the fully opened inlet by the „unmeshing" action of the rotating screws.Intake air is enclosed between the rotating screws and air end housing. The volume is further reduced through rotation of the screws and is discharged out of the air end at operating pressure.
SAV Principle
The cylindrical TurnValve has a helix-shaped profile on its outside diameter which mates with a precisely machined bore within the body of the air end housing. The TurnValve is supported axially by oversized tapered roller bearings to permit rotation through a hydraulically operated rack and pinion arrangement. Openings or „windows" connect the compression chamber of the air end with the TurnValve bore where the circumference is sealed by tight clearences and lubricant to prevent air leakage during operation.
Advanced "Auto-Sentry ES+" Control System
Maximizing the efficiency of the Electra-Saver TurnValve is a state of the art microprocessor control that is…
The AutoSentry® microprocessor controller tells you what is needed in an easy-to-read text display. Using the Auto
Sentry leaves more time to focus on the important things production and profit.
With a microprocessor-controlled compressor, response time to changes in air demand is practically instantaneous.
This response reduces pressure fluctuations in the plant, maximizing productivity while minimizing energy use.
An energy efficient controller combined with an energy efficient compressor equals savings year after year.
Auto Sentry
Stainless Steel Rather than Hose
The SAV series utilizes stainless steel control lines and seamless tube for lubricant circulation. Why accept leaks
Heavy Duty, Two-Stage inlet Filter
Dirt and dust that enter the compressor can adversely impact lubricant and machine life. A 5-micron inlet filter
with an efficiency rating of 99% is standard equipment on the Electra-Saver. It is a separate option on many other
compressor packages.
Serviceability Supreme
Maintenance personnel love the Gardner Denver Electra-Saver. Components are not crammed into the smallest possible
footprint. All filters are easily accessible and no piping needs to be disconnected to service the separator.
SAV Xray

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