Gardner Denver ESM, VS Variable 30-132kW

Rotary Screw 50 Hz Compressor Packages

Fixed Speed ESM, VS Variable 30-132 Series (30-132kW)

The ESM VS 30–132 series is specifically designed to meet the demands for continuous 24-hour use and absolute uptime, as required in critical industrial processes.
Superb flexibility comes as standard with the VS series. With a wide capacity range, the VS series features the market’s quickest and widest response to air demand changes.


 Fixed Speed ESM, VS Variable 30-132 Series (30-132kW) Technical Table

Design Advantages

Everything under control - “GD Pilot TS” touch screen controller
Fixed Speed ESM, VS Variable 30-132 Series (30-132kW) Controller

The “GD Pilot TS” with its high resolution touch screen display is extremely user friendly and self-explanatory. All functions are clearly structured in five main menus and are intuitively visual. The multilingual “GD Pilot TS” control system ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters, which is essential for reducing your running costs.
Easy ServicingThe design of these packages assures the service points are readily accessible. The enclosure side doors are hinged and removable to allow complete access to all service points. The reduced number of moving parts also lowers maintenance costs. Gardner Denver carries a full line of after sales products to meet all your requirements. By using original spare parts, you will save both time and money in the long term.
Efficient Gardner Denver Air-Ends
Fixed Speed ESM, VS Variable 30-132 Series (30-132kW) Air-Ends
 Without an efficient, durable air-end, an unique compressor design means nothing. That’s why Gardner Denver designs and manufactures this critical component to exact standards.
The VS variable speed compressor - one smart solution

Fixed Speed ESM, VS Variable 30-132 Series (30-132kW)  Graph

 Variable speed compressors can efficiently and reliably handle the varying air demand found in most plant air systems. These compressors speed up and slow down to match air supply to air demand as it fluctuates.
The right variable speed compressor for the application delivers significant energy savings and a stable consistent air supply.
The VS compressor is an efficient and versatile solution even for the most demanding industrial applications and carries all of the Gardner Denver features and benefits associated with reliable, easy to use operations and high efficiency.
Recover the heat generated by your compressor and save money and the environmentNearly all of the energy that is used to power an air compressor gets converted to heat. Thanks to our range of heat recovery options for most of our compressors you can recover up to 94% of this heat and put that to good use somewhere else in your factory.
For virtually any process in your factory or workplace that requires hot water or steam, compressor heat recovery can reduce your energy bill and above all your CO2 emissions. This can range from cleaning, sterilising, boiling, melting etc to simply heating your premises.
Use our calculator to see how much you can potentially save. Contact your Gardner Denver representative for more details on how we can help you save money.

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