Máy nén khí Atlas copco GA 200-500 VSD

Máy nén khí Atlas copco GA 200-500 VSD
Technical Specifications
Capacity FAD (l/s)211 - 1518 l/s
Capacity FAD (m³/h, cfm)756 - 5472 m³/h
Working pressure7.15 - 13.8 bar(e)
Installed motor power185 - 522 kW

Atlas Copco’s GA 200-500 (VSD) oil-injected rotary screw compressors are designed and built to provide the maximum free air delivery at the lowest energy costs. The robust design ensures your process will function continuously even in the harshest conditions such as temperatures up to 46°C/115°F.

Customer benefits

  • High reliability – Our GA 200-500 (VSD) compressors incorporate a superior oil-injected screw element based on innovative asymmetric rotor profiles and a high-quality drive system. All components are selected to ensure a long and trouble-free life of your compressor at the lowest operating cost. 
  • Reduced energy costs – The GA Series’ superior screw elements are designed to give the optimum combination of maximum free air delivery for low energy consumption. The state-of-the-art compressor element is powered by Efficiency 1 class/NEMA EPAct electric motors, contributing to maximum compressor package efficiency. Beside this, the GA 315 VSD can offer additional energy savings of on average 35% by automatically adjusting the motor speed to the air demand. 
  • Integrated air treatment – The GA Full Feature with highly energy-efficient integrated refrigerant dryer and air filter ensures the continuous supply of clean and dry air to extend the life of equipment, enhance system reliability and avoid costly downtime and production delays. 
  • Advanced control monitoring – To maximize efficiency and reliability, the Elektronikon® controls the main drive motor and regulates system pressure within a predefined and narrow pressure band. The Elektronikon® controller can be adapted to your specific needs with extra sensors, digital contacts, fieldbus, Internet and SMS communication functions. In combination with the ES multiple compressor controller, the operation of your complete compressor room is optimized. 
  • Easy installation – The integrated design includes internal piping, coolers, motor, lubrication and control system: all supplied as a ready-to-use package. Installation is fault-free and commissioning time is low. Simply plug and run.

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