Piston Fluid 2901179100-2901179900 atlascopco

Piston compressors pose extreme demands to lubricants: the high compression temperature - possibly exceeding 150°C (300°F) - pressures up to 20 bar, condensation - typically during low cycle load - and dust contamination in installations that are not optimally maintained. 

Traditional lubricants cannot cope with these extreme conditions, resulting in fast oil degradation, overheating and potentially irreversible damage and high repair costs. Therefore, high performing lubricants increase the equipment lifetime. The Atlas Copco Piston Fluid has been developed as a high resistance lubricant, withstanding severe conditions, with a long service interval and superior performance. 

Considering the low oil content in piston compressors, often less than 2 liters, the economy of lesser quality oils simply is not worth the risk. 

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