Discharge air volume
110/132/160kW Class
Highest energy efficiency in the world
XG series not only increases flow capacity, but also pursues energy efficiency. Slash energy consumption at all processes such as intake, discharge, compression, cooling, etc.
Load/Unload control in pursuit of energy loss reduction
New load/unload control Higher energy saving at unloading time compared to the suction throttling type.
Highest capacity in its class
The newly developed screw rotor design achieves flow capacity far above its competitors.
Energy-saving logic function, provides optimal control
Achieve up to 6% energy-saving effect through forced unloading to minimizes excessive load operation for optimal control based on air usage conditions.
Direct Drive Motor
Efficient design minimizes transmission loss from motor shaft gears to the airend.
Energy-saving master/slave operation function
For 2 compressor units with LCD monitor, master/slave operation is achieved by connecting 6 cables without using a group controller.
Self-diagnostic functions
LCD monitor can display various information on running conditions, as well as maintenance alerts, alarm, abnormal shutdown. Troubleshooting information can also advise users on appropriate response to emergencies.
Real-time system flowchart
Easy-to-understand controller display provides real-time information on running conditions.
Adapted to harsh environments
Totally enclosed motor (IP55) offers protection against harsh tropical environments Cooling systems with high design margin ensures smooth operation even at high ambient temperatures of up to 45 °C.
Monitoring alarm for condensate water
Prevent condensation in oil separator by controlling discharge temperature. Promptly alarm in LCD monitor even if there is condensate by conditions.
Motor coil temperature monitoring
XG series adopt thermocouple to detect temperature on motor windings, and manage it through the monitor, Real-time monitoring of motor coil temperature to protect from overheating.
Quiet design
Excellent noise reduction is achieved through advanced FEM analysis of airend and other noise sources - new rotor design with large diameter and lower running speed, and high performance frame with noise absorbing materials.
Uninterrupted / restart function in case of momentary power disruption.
Uninterrupted:0.1~0.2 second(adjustable)
Restart:0.1~20 seconds(adjustable)

Compressor runs continuously if disruption is within 0.2 secondsThe compressor can restart automatically if power isrecovered within 20 seconds.
Supply of clean air
Clean air supply is ensured through use of high-performance
filters to reduce deterioration of lubricating oil.
Residual oil in discharge air is controlled within 2.0ppm.
Residual-pressure start up
Able to resume supply of air quickly.
Does not require 1 minute restart time to prevent pressure drop.
Long service life rotor
The airend which is manufactured using Kobe Steel's steel technology
has a semi-permanent service life.
6 years overhaul interval
Achieved the long service life by adopting combination of reliable angular bearings.
Simple daily maintenance
Double lip seal with high sealing capability eliminates the need for constant oil drainage.
Day-to-day operation and maintenance is carried out using the LCD monitor with automatic and self-diagnostic controls, thus reducing day-to-day operation load.
Simple and clear display of running conditions for easy real-time monitoring.
High performance lubricating oil
High oil/water separation efficiency and low oil sludge contributes to high quality of compressed air.
Large LCD monitor
Large LCD monitor with Chinese, Japanese and English language selection.Able to conduct self-diagnosis, display data, alerts, automatic shutdown, etc.
Intuitive user interface for easy running mode setting, pressure setting, language selection, screen display and other day-to-day operation.

Discharg air
volume at
MotorNominal powerkW110132160
Discharge portDiameterAR23 / DN80 flangeR23 / DN80 flangeR23 / DN80 flange
※ Please refer to “Standard Specification Manual” for details