Discharge air volume
4.18-15.00m³/min (0.8-0.6MPa)
22-75kW Class
World top level discharge volume in the class all over the world
Achieved the world top level discharge volume in the class all over the world by enlarging the size of screw rotors and optimizing the rotor profile under the R & D of new Kobelion's screw rotors.
World top level energy efficiency in the class all over the world
Increased discharge volume in thorough pursuit of energy efficiency in Kobelion II series.
Especially in 22kW machine range, achieved much better performance than the ones of other manufacturer's machine.
Wide range & optimal capacity control by Kobelion's inverter
Possible to perform better energy saving efficiency at lower loading by doing V.S.D. control according to air demands in Kobelion's inverter series.
VS series, which have High Efficiency Interior Permanent Magnet Motors (IPM Motor), could perform better energy saving features especially because of the difference of mechanical structure and V.S.D. control range, comparing with other compressors having general-purpose inverter.
Achieved more energy saving effect by 44% than conventional units in Kobelion's inverter series which could perform supreme level of energy saving effects in wide range.
More energy saving effect by 7% thanks to High Efficiency Interior Permanent Magnet Motors (IPM Motor)
Adoption of High Efficiency Interior Permanent Magnet Motors (IPM Motor) than the ones of other inverter compressors having normal induction motor. Possible to perform much better energy saving effects by using IPM high-speed motor + specifically designed inverter than the ones of other compressors having normal induction motor.
Higher efficiency by minimizing energy loss thanks to adoption of built-In overhang direct-coupling construction between screw unit & motor.
Built-In overhang direct-coupling construction
Achieved the Maximum level of discharge volume in the class all over the world by enlarging the size of screw rotors and optimizing the rotor profile under the R & D of new Kobelion's screw rotors.
Energy saving by about 50% thanks to inverter control of cooling fan
Wasteful energy consumption is minimized by the control of fan speed in proportion to the discharge air temperature.
And, the durability is improved by stabilizing the temperature inside the compressor unit.
Moreover, further noise reduction could be achieved by inverter control of cooling fan.
Increase by maximum 16% thanks to wide range control
Possible to supply the maximum discharge volume according to operating discharge pressure by wide range control (Constant power control & Constant pressure control).
Self diagnose function to prevent sudden stop
Electronic monitor having preventive warning system with self-diagnosis function display by 3 stages, Maintenance, Caution, and Emergency-stop. Possible to take quick and accurate countermeasures against emergency-stop case.
Higher Grade Main Motor
Possible to minimize critical troubles of main motor by the protection functions; Klixon Thermal Relay for SG type and thermocouple (thermometer) for VS/AG type.
Improvement on durability against ambient temperature
Design basis of cooling line allowable for the operation even under ambient temperature of 45℃.
Moreover, achieved stable cooling effects by the motor with oil-cooling jacket installed in VS series.
Stable operation backed up by clean air passing large scale dust filter and preventing performance drop, which is caused by dust on motor and coolers.
Water-Removal operation function to prevent the troubles caused by drain-water
Possible to operate in frequent low loading which easily cause drain-water.
Reduction of the time and the labor to remove drain-water from oil reclaimer tank; Preventing the troubles caused by lubricating oil including lots of drain-water.
Preventing the rust troubles caused by drain-water inside oil reclaimer tank.
Momentary interruption, Power outage protection with automatic reset installed
Momentary interruption: 0.1~0.5s (variable)
The operation to be stopped, if the time exceeds 0.5s, the operation could be continued by 0.2s
for AG.On the contrary, the operation should be stopped if the power off time exceeds 0.5s.

Automatic reset: 0.1~20s (variable)
If the power is recovered in 20s after power off, it could be restarted.
Low noise
Achieved excellent noise reduction & vibration reduction by advanced FEM analysis, new designed unit, suitable sound absorber, and so on.
And, achieved further noise reduction for Low noise & mild operating sound by Inverter cooling fan.

※FEM analysis: To analyze overall vibration and noise by dividing objects, which have complex shape and qualities, into small parts.
For Kobelion II, taking higher level of countermeasures for noise reduction & vibration reduction, based on "New FEM analysis" which analyze thoroughly even the surface of objects in the case that internal pressure vibration is given when compressing.
Pursuit of Clean Air
Acquiring clean air by two stage's filtration which is Dust Filter's filtration & Suction Filter's filtration, and suppressing deterioration of lubricating oil quality that could be a main factor of the efficiency drop of oil separation.
Achieved 1.6ppm or less of residual oil mist in the discharge air by three stage's oil separation which is centrifugal force separation, gravity force separation, and filtration.
Residual-pressure start up
In spite of internal residual pressure, possible to start up immediately after motor stop by superior motor torque control in VS series.
Possible to do quick air supply by detection of inside residual pressure in AG series.
Possible to prevent the pressure drop in emergency case because of no blow-off time of 1 min.. That is different from others.
Possible to use Kobelion's screw rotors permanently
Screw Rotors developed by Steel manufacturer of Kobelco with Kobelco's own technology.
Possible to use permanently Screw Rotors, which are made of special steel.
Very easy daily maintenance
Adoption of double lip seal for shaft-sealing part. High Efficiency Interior Permanent Magnet Motors (IPM Motor) than the ones of other inverter compressors having normal induction motor.
No need to remove drain-water from oil reclaimer tank thanks to Water-Removal operation function.
Reduction of the time and the labor for daily maintenance thanks to the electronic monitor with self diagnose function
Maximum Overhaul Interval of 6 years
Achieved the long service life by adopting combination of reliable angular bearings.
High performance, Kobelco genuine lubricating oil
Long service life, High separation efficiency of oil/water, and Less carbon black.
Better performance not only for the service life of the lubricating oil itself, but also for the discharge air & the internal system of the unit.
Large liquid crystal electronic monitor
Possible to select 3 languages (English, Japanese, and Chinese) in New liquid crystal electronic monitor.
Very easy to handle the electronic monitor for daily maintenance such as pressure setting, operation mode setting, language display setting, and so on.
Even in a dark site, possible to read the information displayed on the electronic monitor of translucent type (Backlight type).
PC connectivity modbus ready
Output of machine conditions to DCS.
Input of operation signal.
Energy saving operation function
In the case of the compressor units having the liquid crystal electronic monitor, possible to do Two-Unit alternate operation without a group control panel by simple

Discharge air
volume at
Capacity controlConstant pressure,variable output with variable shaft power
MotorNominal outputkW22375575
TypeInterral Permanent Magnet
No of poles6P4P
InsulationF class
ProtectionIP 44
VoltageV380/415, 50HZ
Starting systemInverter
Lubricant(oil)initial volumeL14254551
Discharge pipe sizeAR1R1.1/2R2R2
The discharge air volume is measured at suction temperature of 30℃ and 75% RH.
The permissible operating ambient temperature is 2~40℃.
Noise levels are measured in an anechoic chamber at 1 meter height,1.5 meter
from the front. [ ] are for values for values for sides and rear.
Air produced by these compressors should not be used in respiratory equipment furnishing air for direct inhalation.