Thông số kĩ thuật cơ bản

Lưu lượng FAD (l/s)              241 - 777 l/s
Lưu lượng FAD (m³/h, cfm)   868 - 2797 m³/h
Áp suất làm việc                   6 - 14 bar(e)
Công suất motor kéo            110 - 385 kW

The harsh marine environment demands the most durable and most reliable products: you don’t want valuable equipment to break down during loading and discharge. MAS GA compressors guarantee you the lowest oil carryover content and lowest discharge temperature in the market. Built to last, they will give you unrelenting performance, unrivalled reliability, and avoid cargo discharge speed claims or off-hire claims. Through extensive testing on core components like the oil separator, oil filter, coolers and electric cubicle, MAS GA compressors tackle extreme duties as a daily challenge, and operate with low running costs and long service internals. Don’t go to sea without an Atlas Copco MAS GA compressor.

Customer benefits

  • Optimizing efficiency Several starter types: Star/Delta, Dol and Soft Starter 
    Upon request : VSD, diesel and hydraulically driven

  • Flexible installation Flanged air and water connection, on same side of unit for 
    easy installation 
    Marine motor with reduced starting current, avoiding stress on 
    generator system 
    Elektronikon (MKIV) regulation, ensuring reliable and safe operation 
    Control panel (MKIV) including hour counter, amp meter, 
    high-temperature outlet, motor overload, low cooling water, 
    motor heating on (lamp), auto operation sign, analog signals to 
    customer and general alarm

  • Easy operation
    Voltage free contacts to customer installation (open-closed):automatic operation, general warning, general shut-down, load-unload, motor running and local-remote 
    Analog signals to customer installation (4-20 mA): outlet pressure and motor current

  • Saving Space Small footprint (L x W x H): 3000 x 799 x 1850 mm 
    Frame-mounted, fully interconnected, no extra pipework 
    Including oil and aftercooler, water separator, air inlet filter 
    Without canopy, reducing equipment volume